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Important Tips from Funeral Home Directors in Charleston, WV - When you contact a funeral home for support in planning a funeral or memorial, the director is the person who oversees the planning and logistics of the event. Funeral directors meet with families from all different backgrounds. Over the years, the director encounters various situations, helping them know the steps that will be the most […]
Talking to Your Family about the Request for Cremation in Charleston, WV - Discussing end-of-life decisions can be a heartbreaking and challenging topic. Many people don’t want to bring up the conversation because they don’t want to face the emotions of saying goodbye to loved ones. Whether you know a funeral will be coming soon or you are still in great health, it is important to make these […]
Funeral Terms: A Glossary for Residents in South Charleston, WV - Sometimes, it feels like it is necessary to learn a whole new vocabulary to understand the funeral home industry. If you need to plan a funeral, then it can be helpful to know a few important words and phrases. Here at Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium, our services are available in South Charleston, WV, […]
5 Reasons to Pre-Arrange Cremations in South Charleston, WV - Cremations are often considered to be an alternative option to traditional burial. These services are becoming more common as people understand the benefits that are available. If you want to be cremated after you are gone, then you should talk to our South Charleston, WV funeral home for more information. At Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home […]
Funeral Home Services in Charleston, WV to Support the Grieving Process - Do you feel like the world has fallen apart because you lost a loved one? Too often, people push the emotions aside without addressing the grief that they are experiencing. If you want to heal, then you need to follow a few healthy steps to work through the grieving process. Choosing a supportive funeral home […]
5 Unique Ways to Inter Cremated Remains in Charleston, WV - Cremation opens up the possibilities for a final resting place. You can choose a location to scatter the ashes instead of being limited to a cemetery burial. This process lays the person to rest in a uniquely memorable way. Many people feel like cremation enables the option to choose a service that honors the deceased […]
Cremation in Charleston, WV: Transportation Tips for the Remains - After the cremation is complete, what are your options to transport the remains? Cremation is different from a traditional burial because you can choose where and when the ashes should be moved. In comparison, a casket is usually kept in the same burial plot. If you are looking for flexibility after the funeral, then you […]
Charleston, WV Funeral Tips: Giving a Eulogy for a Friend or Family Member - It can be a heavy responsibility to plan a eulogy for someone that you love. Not only will you work through the grief of attending the funeral, but you also need to be prepared with a few words to honor that person. It is important that you write down a few thoughts before arriving at […]
The Cost of Traditional Funerals vs. Cremations in South Charleston, WV - Funeral expenses can add up, making it hard for the family to manage the finances after someone passes away. Whether you are on a budget or planning a lavish funeral, it is important to consider all of your options. Our team at Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium offers full-service solutions in South Charleston, WV. […]
Unique Guestbook Options for Use at a Funeral Home in South Charleston, WV - A funeral guestbook might not be at the top of your priority list when planning a funeral in South Charleston, WV. But, you shouldn’t overlook this detail of the day. It can be a challenge to think through all of the planning that needs to happen. So, you will find it beneficial to work with […]
Important Information to Know About Embalming - If you choose cremation instead of a traditional burial, then it opens up more flexibility for the funeral services. Many families like the option to customize the services that are available. So, look for a funeral home in South Charleston, WV that offers the customized services that you desire. Embalming is one portion of the […]
Common Funeral Home Etiquette in South Charleston, WV, and Other Areas - Whether you live in a small town or a big city, there are common rules that are often followed when attending a funeral. If you have questions about funeral home etiquette, then we invite you to contact our experienced team at Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium for more information. Here are a few things […]
How to Choose a Funeral Home in South Charleston, WV - It can be a daunting task to choose a funeral home when you are grieving the loss of someone that you love. If a family member passes away, then you need to find the right funeral services to match the needs of your family. There are several funeral homes available in South Charleston, WV, and […]
What is the Right Clothing for Cremations in Charleston, WV? - Whether your deceased family member will be buried or cremated, there are a few things that need to be considered for the services. Clothing is one of the choices that need to be addressed by the family. Our team can help you work through all of the details of planning a funeral in Charleston, WV, […]
Is Embalming Necessary for Cremations in South Charleston, WV? - One of the benefits of cremations is that you can choose the details of the services that meet the needs of your family. Not only will you be able to cut costs, but you can cater the plans to match religious or traditional preferences. Here at Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium, we are the leading […]
Should You Plan a Procession from a Funeral Home in South Charleston, WV? - You will encounter many decisions that need to be made while planning a funeral, such as if you want to have a processional. After the funeral services are complete, do you want to have the family travel together to the cemetery? If you have questions about the procession or any other aspects of a funeral, […]
Charleston, WV Cremations: What Should You Do with the Ashes? - Choosing cremation means that you have many options when selecting the final resting place for someone that you love. With a traditional funeral, it is necessary to have the person buried in a cemetery because of laws that regulate the placement of the body. But, cremated ashes can be stored in any location of your […]
What Should You Wear to a Funeral Home in Charleston, WV? - If you are preparing to attend a funeral, it can be hard to choose the outfit that you should wear to the memorial or funeral services. Visiting a funeral home in Charleston, WV can be a somber event, and most people choose conservative clothing for the gathering. Here are a few tips to help you […]
The Evolution of Loss: Cremation Services in South Charleston, WV - It’s difficult, if not downright painful, to separate your sense of loss with the passing of a loved one with the cost of funeral preparations and cemetery expenses in Charleston, WV. To that end, cremation is becoming a more attractive option for honoring the dearly departed if for no other reason than the rising cost […]
Been There, Done That - Unless you’ve dealt with the loss of a loved one before, you can be blindsided by all the responsibilities you face. In addition to already having dealt with a variety of challenges leading up to your loss (i.e. doctors, nurses, going back and forth to the hospital or hospice) now you’re treading even more new […]
Ashes to Ashes - We tend to think that cremation is some new-age, new-fangled method of honoring the departed, but cremation has been a part of the human experience for a very long time. It is actually the preferred method of caring for a loved one after death in many parts of the world. Facts and figures don’t serve a […]
A Celebration of Life (Not Loss) - It goes without saying that when you lose someone close to you, a sense of closure is important. You need a chance to say goodbye, an opportunity to honor the person’s memory and look for meaning in the individual’s passing. For the most part, we use funerals to deal with our mourning. A funeral service […]
The Journey Never Ends - More and more, cremation is viewed as an alternative to a traditional funeral and cemetery burial and considered a more intimate way of bringing together family and friends. The cremation urn takes up less space than a casket and traditional cemetery. These days there a variety of ways to conserve and honor the ashes of […]
Keeping the Love Alive: Cremation Services in South Charleston, WV - There’s a sense of finality with an in-ground burial. There are many who need to physically close a chapter of their lives and turn the page. And placing the casket in the ground suits this emotional need. On the other hand, there are those of us who don’t want to lose the bond with the […]
A Few Words About Grieving - If there’s a common thread that links us together through loss, it’s that we all grieve. Grief is a natural emotion that follows death of someone dear to you; and to one degree or another, it hurts. The process may be more or less profound, but for everyone dealing with the loss of a loved […]
Facing the Inevitable: Picking a Funeral Home (in Charleston, WV) - No matter how much you think you are prepared for the loss of a loved one in Charleston, WV, when the moment arrives, it opens the door to all kinds of responsibilities that can weigh heavy on your mind. At the top of the list is selecting a funeral home. Coordinating with a funeral home […]