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 5 Unique Options for Cremation Ashes

Huntington, WV funeral home & cremation

After the cremation of your deceased loved one, you’ll get the ashes in an urn or in some other acceptable container. What will you do then? If you’re like many, you’ll be content to take the urn home and to then display it in a place of honor like in the family room. Others like to scatter the ashes someplace with sentimental value to the deceased or to the family in general. But others take a different course and choose to do something more unique with the ashes. Here are 5 unique things you can do with cremains after a Huntington, WV funeral home & cremation services provider cremates your dearly departed loved one.  

  1. Coral Reef

Was your deceased loved one a conservationist who wanted to protect the ocean and the creatures that lived in it? Well you might want to consider finding a company that can turn the cremains into a coral reef that will safeguard creatures in the ocean. A coral reef, in case you’re not entirely familiar with what they are, is underwater ecosystem where one-fourth of all marine life live. Coral reefs safeguard coastlines from the adverse impact of tropical storms and wave action as well as provide shelter and habitats for a great number of marine organisms. So turning your deceased love one’s cremains into a coral reef– something that protects and safeguards – can certainly be a fitting tribute.  

  1. Plant a Tree

Not everyone thinks that storing their deceased love one’s cremains in an urn is a great idea. If you want an option that will create a lasting memorial, how about planting the ashes. Here’s how it works: There are companies that offer urns in which the cremains are combined with nutrients that you can use to grow a bush or a tree wherever you want. Whether in your backyard or on your vacation property, you can create a memorial that lasts for generations.  

  1. Tattoo 

Are you a tattoo enthusiast or are you open to getting a tattoo? It’s possible to turn cremains into tattoos. Specifically, a tattoo artist can mix some of the cremation ashes with tattoo ink before using the combination to tattoo whatever you want on your skin. You can get a picture of the person, the person’s name or anything else that will serve as a fitting tattoo memorial.  

  1. Outer Space

You can send the ashes to outer space. Yes, there are companies that will take cremains and scatter them in the boundless realm of outer space. If your deceased loved one wanted to boldly go where no one’s  ever gone before, then this is the sort of option they would have liked.  

  1. Fireworks

One way for your deceased loved one to go out with a bang is if you end a memorial with a fireworks display. There are companies that will combine cremains with the fireworks and then hold a fireworks display for your loved one. It can be a great way to wrap up a memorial.  

Once the Huntington, WV funeral home & cremation services provider has completed the cremation, you’ll have some decisions to make as per what to do with the ashes. There really is no one right way to go about it, but there are some options that are more interesting then others. When you’re on the hunt for a death care services provider, get in touch with us at Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium. We’ve been serving West Virginia families since 1875, so we know the communities and the people who reside in these communities. Whether you’re looking for funeral services or cremation with a service, we have you covered. Call us at (304) 342-8135 for a free consultation. You can also visit us at 1118 Virginia St E Charleston, WV 25301.