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5 Unique Ways to Inter Cremated Remains in Charleston, WV

Cremation opens up the possibilities for a final resting place. You can choose a location to scatter the ashes instead of being limited to a cemetery burial. This process lays the person to rest in a uniquely memorable way. Many people feel like cremation enables the option to choose a service that honors the deceased in the best manner.

If you are planning a cremation in Charleston, WV, then you are welcome to talk to our team about options to inter the remains. We encourage customers to choose a solution that matches the personality of the deceased and the family preferences. Here are five options that you might consider:

  1. Ocean Scattering

It is easy to access the ocean, and many people feel that the water offers a cleansing experience for the event. Consider taking the cremated remains to a beach for the scattering. Or, you can charter a boat to head out to sea.

Another option is to have the remains built into a reef. Choose a vacation spot that you like to visit, and look at options to incorporate the remains into the reef to leave something memorable and enduring.

  1. Memorial Garden

Do you want to return the person to nature, while still keeping them nearby? Create a memorial garden in the yard. The remains can be scattered in the garden. Then, you can enjoy the beauty of the flowers and other features of the garden when you want to remember the deceased.

  1. Air Distribution

If the deceased loved to travel, then an air distribution might be a great option to consider. Scattering the remains from a small public plane creates the opportunity to send the ashes above a location where the person liked to visit. Fly over the ocean, a forest, or a different location that has meaning for your family.

  1. Cemetery Burial

Just because you choose cremation, doesn’t mean that you need to skip the cemetery burial. Consider the benefits of having the ashes laid to rest in the family plot. You will have a headstone that can be visited, and the remains will be near other family members who have passed away.

  1. Multiple Urns

Small urns can be used if many family members want to keep a portion of the ashes. These urns could be statues or small memorials to keep on a bookshelf or mantle. Or, design small pendants or necklaces that have a bit of the ashes inside.

Designing a Cremation Plan

Keep in mind that some states have regulations regarding scattering the remains. Whether you are staying in WV or leaving to a different place for the event, it is best to talk to a funeral home for guidance about the laws.

For more information about your options, talk to us here at Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium. Stop by our location at 1118 Virginia St E Charleston, WV 25301. Or, call to learn more about the cremation services that are available: (304) 342-81351.

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