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A Few Words About Grieving

If there’s a common thread that links us together through loss, it’s that we all grieve. Grief is a natural emotion that follows death of someone dear to you; and to one degree or another, it hurts. The process may be more or less profound, but for everyone dealing with the loss of a loved one, the importance of closure is something all of us yearn for.

When we experience a major loss, whether it’s in Charleston, WV or in the surrounding communities, grief is the normal and natural way our minds and bodies react. Yet at the same time, there are common patterns people tend to share.

Stages of Mourning

Psychologists feel that grief usually moves through a series of emotional stages, such as shock, numbness, guilt, anger and denial. Additionally, time always plays an important role in the grieving process. As the days, weeks and months go by, the person who is experiencing loss moves through emotional and physical reactions that normally lead to acceptance, healing and getting on with life as fully as possible.

Close at Hand

Sometimes a person can become overwhelmed or bogged down in the grieving process. Which is why the Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium is here to help. We know that all losses are serious and are never easy to deal with, but having someone close by who can help you maneuver through the funeral celebration process and your own healing is immeasurable.

In terms of impact or personal trauma, the death of a loved one is no doubt one of life’s most painful events. There are moments when the process seems insurmountable. But be aware of the end-game of grief and mourning…to make you comfortable with your loss and get you beyond the initial pain. Some changes are in order, even if initially it may not be easy:

– Mental health professionals stress the importance of recognizing and accepting that your loved one is on a different path. The relationship you had exists on a different level. But take comfort in knowing your relationship will continue, even though the parameters are now different.

– Developing a new sense of yourself to reflect the many changes that occurred when you lost your loved one.

– Take the opportunity to discover new friends, hobbies or interests. You’ll soon find that each path merits an emotional investment that slowly takes the place of your loss.

The Right Time…Right Now 

If you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one, call Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium.  For details you can check Charleston, WV cremations. We encourage you to visit our offices at 1118 Virginia St E Charleston, WV 25301 or set up an appointment to look over our services at (304) 342-8135. A member of our team will answer your questions. We have helped families with their losses in West Virginia since 1875 and we want you to know you are not alone when you are grieving. Let us arrange everything for you so you can concentrate on honoring your loved one.