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Ashes to Ashes

We tend to think that cremation is some new-age, new-fangled method of honoring the departed, but cremation has been a part of the human experience for a very long time. It is actually the preferred method of caring for a loved one after death in many parts of the world.
Facts and figures don’t serve a whole lot of purpose to you at this crucial point in your life, but take solace in the fact that individuals like yourself all over Charleston, WV choose cremation because they believe it is the right choice for them. Cremation is neither better nor worse than a traditional burial but for many, the cremation process is a much more intimate way of connecting with the loss of a loved one.

We All Choose a Path

There are many reasons for choosing the cremation process. Whether or not your motives are grounded in economics, the facts are that the cost of direct cremation with no funeral or memorial service is often only ¼ that of a traditional burial. At Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium, we firmly believe that there is great value in bringing family and friends together for a remembrance service – values which exceed mere cost.

Consider the beauty of a simple ceremony. There is nothing simpler than a direct cremation, where the body is transferred straight to the crematory and everything is done within hours of completing the necessary paperwork.

The cremation process also provides flexibility. A memorial service after a direct cremation can be arranged at a time that’s convenient for family members. There is no rush to put together a ceremony which many in the circle can’t attend due to time or financial constraints.

And like we mentioned earlier, cremation provides a unique sense of intimacy for everyone involved. A service can be planned for weeks or even months after the cremation. This means more people can get involved and there’s plenty of time to gather meaningful scriptural passages, poetry, literary quotes, music, photos and videos.

A Grassroots Approach

Choosing Cremation includes deciding who will perform the cremation, whether or not you should you purchase an urn, what kind of remembrance ceremony would you like to have and what you will you do with the cremated remains.

You may wish to keep the remains at your home for a time, until you feel ready to let go of them, or when all family members can be present for a scattering ceremony.

Time to Let Go

If you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one ,don’t hesitate to call Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium. For details you can check Charleston, WV cremations. We encourage you to visit our offices at 1118 Virginia St E Charleston, WV 25301 or call to set up an appointment with our funeral director at (304) 342-8135. A member of our team will be glad to help you.

We’ve been serving families in the West Virginia area since 1875. You are not alone in your grief. Our goal is to arrange everything for you in a respectful, memorable way to honor your loss.