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One of the main advantages of cremation is the flexibility that you have to choose a final resting place for the ashes. You can place the urn on display in your Charleston, WV home. Or, you might have the ashes buried in a family cemetery plot or placed in a formal memorial.

Scattering the ashes is a popular way to say goodbye. If you are looking at options to scatter the ashes, then consider the opportunity to personalize the ceremony so that it is a meaningful experience for the people who attend the event.

Favorite Vacation Destination

Where did the person love to go when it was time for a vacation? Take the ashes to that location to send them off in the wind in a place that the person enjoyed. If it is a public location, it is essential that you check the local laws and rules. For private land, you will need to get the permission of the property owner.

Stuffed Animal

Give children something to hold on to with a stuffed animal that contains the ashes of a parent or grandparent. This item gives the child something that they can use to maintain a physical bond with the deceased. Divide the ashes into multiple keepsakes to be distributed to all of the children in the family.

Memorial Garden or Tree

Plant a memorial garden in your yard where the ashes can be scattered. Another option is to plant a tree and place the ashes near the roots of the tree. If you don’t want to have the garden in your backyard, then ask local cemeteries for memorial garden options that are available in the area.

Pendants and Jewelry

Divide the ashes to be placed in jewelry or pendants. Each family member can choose a keepsake that helps them remember the bond that was shared with their loved one. Then, a portion of the ashes can be kept in the item and worn as desired.


As you watch the sands of time move through the hourglass, you can remember the memory of your family member. This memento reminds you of the time that was shared with the person that you love. The timepiece can be placed on your bookshelf or mantel to create a space of remembrance in the home.

Water Scattering

Did the deceased enjoy spending time on the water? If they enjoyed fishing, scuba diving, or other water sports, it might be appropriate to scatter the ashes over a lake, river, or ocean.

As you are planning the cremation, you can talk to an experienced company in Charleston, WV: Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium. We are here to answer your questions and help you choose the details that will match the desires of your family. For more details you can check Charleston, WV funeral home. Visit our location to learn about the funeral and cremation services that are available: 1118 Virginia St E Charleston, WV 25301. Or, call if you would like to schedule a consultation with a local funeral director: (304) 342-81351