3 Places You Can Buy a Cremation Urn

cremation services provider in South Charleston, WV

When you go to a cremation services provider in South Charleston, WV to plan final services, you’ll need to choose an urn to put the ashes into. But you won’t just have to figure out what type of urn to get or what material to choose, you’ll also need to figure out where to buy it. You have at least 3 options as per where to get a cremation urn. Read on to learn more.


1. Funeral Home

Your best option, by far, is to get a cremation urn from the funeral home you hire to perform the final services. The funeral director will be a wealth of information and will be able to answer your questions, make recommendations, and essentially ensure you know how to choose an urn. But a funeral home isn’t just the place where you’ll get the expert assistance you need to choose the right urn. It’s also the best place to purchase an urn. They will have a wide selection of urns for you to look through, and they’ll be able to sell you the urn you need for the cremation service. You won’t have to wait for it to be shipped from someplace since the urns will already be in stock. For the most convenient way to buy an urn, you should stick with the funeral home.


2 Online Retailer

It’s easy these days to transact for just about anything on the Internet. And while the Internet is definitely an indispensable tool for buying and selling, that doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to get everything you need online. If you know little to nothing about urns, it’s best to buy from a funeral home where you can ask questions and see the options up close and personal. Otherwise, you’ll have to make do with a few pictures and a few lines of descriptions. You’ll also have to hope that there are no delays so that you get the urn delivered on time for the service.


3. Thrift Shop

Some people donate urns to thrift shops after they’ve scattered the ashes. Even so, the odds of your finding a used one in a thrift shop at the time you need it is remote. So you’re better off going with option #1 by talking to the funeral director at a funeral home.

cremation services provider in South Charleston, WV

If you need help arranging funeral services or cremation services in South Charleston, WV, we’re here to help you in any way we can. We’re definitely the best place to buy an urn, and you can count on our funeral director to assist you in choosing the right urn based on what you wish to do with the ashes. For prompt and professional service, give us a call to speak with our funeral director or with one of our other staff members. We’ll give you the help you need so that you can make informed decisions whether you want to arrange a funeral or a cremation.

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