3 Reasons Why a Memorial Service is Important

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After the cremation service in Charleston, WV, you and your family might choose to hold a memorial service in honor of your dearly departed loved one. It’s not obligatory to hold a memorial or a celebration of life service, of course, but many families find a post-body disposition event useful for them and for friends and colleagues of the deceased. But what are the benefits of holding a memorial event anyway? Here’s a look at 3 specific benefits.

1. Part of the Mourning Process

One reason why a memorial service is a great idea is that it will facilitate the mourning process. Everyone processes things differently, and no two people grieve alike. But one thing that you can bet on is that you and your family will all be mourning on the heels of a death close to home. Attending the memorial will help you to mourn your loss together. This can help to make things easier to deal since you’ll get support from family and friends, and family and friends will get support from you.

2. Honor the Deceased

Another important reason for having a memorial is that it will provide an opportunity to honor the deceased. Your loved one, though deceased, was unique. So it can help to honor them in a special way. The thing with a memorial is that you can hold it virtually anywhere. You can hold one in a private home, in a park, or someplace out in nature. Another way you can honor them is by adopting a specific theme. If the deceased was into sports, then a sports theme might be in order. If they spent all their waking hours in the garden or out on the patio deck, then an outdoorsy theme might be a great option. You and your loved ones will be able to celebrate a life well lived and gain hope from the event.

3. Closure

Closure is important. For some people in your family, a memorial will help with closure. It might the sort of event that finally gets them to accept that things have changed forever. So don’t underestimate the importance of holding an event after the cremation service.

cremation services in Charleston, WV

After the cremation services in Charleston, WV, you may very well wish to hold a memorial service. If you’d like help planning a cremation service or want some ideas for planning a memorial, contact us at Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium. We’re the premier provider of funeral services and cremation services throughout West Virginia and Tri State Area. Our specialty is to assist families to plan final services for their deceased loved ones. Allow one of our staff members to explain the entire process, help you choose the right funeral or cremation package, and answer all your questions. Since our inception in 1875, our guiding principles have remained unchanged: they include a deep respect for human life and profound compassion for the bereaved. This means you can entrust the care of your deceased loved one to us. Let us know when you need our help, and we’ll be there to assist.

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