3 Things a Reputable Funeral Home Won’t Dare Do

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When you contact a funeral home serving Dunbar, WV families, you’ll want to know that the funeral director and the other licensed staff have your back. They will help you each step of the way by explaining your options, answering your questions, and making recommendations. But there are some things that they – the funeral director and the other staff members at the service provider – won’t dare either to you or for you. What follows are 3 of those things.


1. They Won’t Choose the Body Disposition for You

The people who work at a reputable funeral home are there to help you with deciding whether to plan a funeral service complete with a burial or a cremation service where you get the ashes in an urn. And while you will be able to ask questions and get recommendations, neither the funeral director nor the other staff members will make the decision for you. The body disposition choice needs to be made by you as the final services planner. What you can be certain of is that the staff will equip you with the information you need to make an informed choice. They will even explain the reasons why some people plan funerals and others plan cremations.


2. They Won’t Aggressively Try to Upsell

funeral home serving Dunbar, WVIf you’re at the funeral home right after the death of a loved one, you might be in a stressed-out state of mind. You can be confident that staff at a reputable funeral home won’t aggressively try to push extra products and services on you. This doesn’t mean that they won’t make recommendations. For instance, the funeral director might recommend an urn vault should you wish to bury the urn after the cremation of a loved one. An urn vault, into which an urn can be placed, will protect the urn. So if you’d like to protect the structural integrity of the cremation urn after it’s buried, then it’s a good idea to put it into an urn vault beforehand. So the funeral director will make suggestions on extra products and services that you should consider. But they won’t try to force you to buy anything or to take any course of action.


3. They Won’t be Cold or Indifferent

People who go into the death care services industry do so because they see it as a calling. They’re used to comfortable with dealing with people who are emotionally at their lowest points as they grapple with loss and struggle to pull themselves together to body dispositions. You can expect the funeral director and the other employees at the funeral home to be compassionate and caring. They will offer you the support and the assistance you need.


We’re here to help when you need the assistance of a reputable funeral home serving Dunbar, WV families. The right funeral home will, of course, offer various funeral and cremation packages that you can choose from. They’ll also help you preplan if you’d like to arrange final services for yourself. Give us a call or pay us a visit when you need to plan or if you want to ask questions.

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