3 Things No Funeral Director Will Say About Funeral Services

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When you consult with a funeral home in Charleston, WV for help in planning final services, you’ll be counting on their expertise. If you’re like most people, you probably don’t know a whole lot about what goes into planning a funeral service or a cremation. So finding a reputable funeral home to work with will make all the difference. You can thank your lucky starts that there are some things you won’t ever hear from a funeral director during the planning process. Consider these 3 statements that you can be sure you won’t hear from a funeral director.

“Traditional Funeral Services Serve No Useful Purpose”

You’ll certainly never hear such words out of the mouth of a funeral director. The reality is that traditional funeral services offer many benefits. In addition to being a practice steeped in tradition, a funeral service is also the perfect event for grieving people to remember the deceased, to comfort the living, and to come together for a common purpose. So while you don’t absolutely have to hold a funeral service, you should think twice if you’re leaning towards skipping one.

“One Funeral Home is as Good as Another”

One of the reasons you should do some research before selecting a funeral home to work with is that some service providers are better than others. You don’t want to conduct an online search and simply go with the first name you come across. Doing the right kind of research begins with asking people you know and trust for recommendations. It’s also about reading online reviews to get a feel for what other people in your community have to say about funeral homes they’ve worked with. So no funeral director will ever say that all funeral homes are the same.

“Funeral Services are Superior to Cremation Services”

Again, this is not something you will ever hear from a funeral director. The reality is that both funerals and cremations are honorable final services options. It’s not really a matter of which is better than the other – it’s a matter of which is the right option for your family. If the deceased preplanned, then you and yours won’t have to decide either way. But if you and yours do have to make body disposition arrangements, then it will come down to which one you all prefer.

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