3 Ways to Memorialize Your Loved One After Cremation

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After a Charleston, WV cremation services provider performs the final services for your loved one, you’ll want to do something that honors their memory. There are loads of options that you can mull over — and there’s no reason why you have to restrict yourself to just one. Read on for a look at some things you might wish to do to memorialize your deceased loved one.

Charitable Donation

One way you can memorialize your dearly departed relative is by making a charitable donation in their honor. Did they have a special cause that was near and dear to their heart? It might be fitting to make a contribution in the name of your family member. Make sure that the donation is to a reputable charity or group that the person had supported whether in word or in deed.

Memorial Jewelry

Another option is to get cremation jewelry. You’ll be able to keep your deceased loved one with you — at least symbolically — at all times. You can, for instance, get a locket that has a picture of the deceased or you can get another piece of jewelry that contains some of your loved one’s cremation ashes. Ask the funeral home you work with for more options.

Plant Treecremation services in Charleston, WV

Why not plant a tree in honor of your deceased loved one? Once you plant a tree, it will last for a long time, perhaps for generations. It can be something that you and your other family come to treasure as it will remind you of your deceased relative. Planting a tree in the name of a loved one is also great for the environment, so there are multiple benefits of going this route.

Memorial Art

Is there anyone in your family who is artistically inclined? If you do, have them paint a portrait of the deceased. You can also commission someone else to do it if no one in your family is able to do such a project the justice it deserves. You can bet that the art will be something you look upon fondly as it will remind you of someone who, while no longer near to you, remains dear to you.

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