5 Reasons You Can Be Confident When Preplanning a Funeral or a Cremation

funeral home in St Albans, WV

Preplanning a funeral service or a cremation service at a funeral home in St Albans, WV is a good idea. It definitely makes sense to make the arrangements yourself so that your family isn’t left having to do so for you after your passing. You’ll find that there are lots of benefits to preplanning, and this is especially the case if you work with a reputable funeral home.


What follows is a look at 5 reasons you can feel confident about going through with the preplanning process. You might just feel like contacting a funeral home if you haven’t already done so.


1. Lock in Price Now to Save Money Later

When you preplan and prepay, you will pay in today’s dollars. You no doubt know that inflation will over time increase the value of products and services. So if you preplan and prepay today, you won’t have to pay the higher cost for a funeral or cremation later. This will give you peace of mind now and afford your family peace of mind later.


2. Adaptable Contracts

Are you hesitant to preplan because you think that you won’t be able to adjust things later? If so, rest assured that you will be able to make changes. You can switch from a cremation to a funeral – or vice versa. So preplanning doesn’t mean that you’ll be locked into a contract. When you preplan, you can rest assured that the funeral home will accommodate you on this front.


3. Secure Payment

Are you worried about just how secure your prepayment will be? There are rules in place to set your mind at ease, Specifically, there are state and federal laws in place that require funds for prepaid funerals to be deposited in a special insurance policy. So the money you had over now for a service you won’t need until well into the future will be safe and sound.


4. Expert Preneed Staff

When you go to a funeral home to preplan and prepay, you will have access to the best of the best in terms of industry professionals. The funeral director or other licensed staff members will have the skills and professionalism needed to give you all the help you need. They will take into consideration your religious views, your budget, your finals service preferences, and more.


5. Save Money

You can save money when you preplan because it will be easier to avoid emotional spending. In other words, it will be easier for you to make level-headed decisions when you preplan than it will be for your family to do so if they have to plan after you pass away.

funeral home in St Albans, WV

Are you convinced by these 5 reasons you can be confident about preplanning your final services? If you are or if you have some more questions, get in touch to learn more. We’re are reputable funeral home serving St Albans, WV families and individuals, and our goal is to provide the best in customer service and in funeral and cremation options. For the help you need, give us a call or stop by for a visit. We’ll be honored to help in any way we can.

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