How You Can Make a Funeral Service Extra Special

funeral home in St Albans, WV

One way you can honor your deceased loved one during their funeral service is to personalize the event. You can bet that the funeral director at a funeral home in St Albans, WV will be pleased to assist you with planning a funeral service that represents a meaningful final send-off.

So that you have some ideas ahead of the planning phase, here are a few ways you can make the funeral service extra special.

Seed Cards

Did your loved one have a green thumb? If they didn’t, did they at least have a favorite type of flower? You can make their funeral service extra special by giving attendees seed cards. This refers to small envelops that contain seeds of your deceased loved one’s favorite flower or of some other type of plant. When the attendees return to their homes, they will be able to honor the deceased by planting the seeds in their own gardens. This will give your family, friends of the deceased, and well-wishers a way to remember the deceased for a long time to come.


If your loved one was the sort of person who loved nothing more than to read books, then chances are that their bookshelves are still full of literary gems. One idea is to give books to people who attend the service. If your deceased loved one was a great cook and had a collection of cookbooks, you might want to gift these books to a loved one who loves to cook. If there are people in your family or friends of the deceased who are religious, you might want to gift them with the old Bible or devotional books that the deceased had loved to read. By handing out books – perhaps with a personal note to each recipient — you can make a big impact and ensure that the books continue to be enjoyed and cherished.

Let There be Color

Did the deceased have a favorite color? Perhaps they loved pink or blue, yellow or red, green or orange. You might want to use color as a theme to personalize the funeral service. Consider, for instance, asking people who attend the funeral service to wear a specific color. You can also consider the color scheme when it comes time to order flowers for the funeral service.

funeral home in St Albans, WV

When the time comes for a funeral service at a St Albans, WV funeral home, you will want to do everything in your power to honor the deceased. The funeral director at a reputable death care services provider will be there to help you each step of the way. You can find the right funeral home by doing some research, asking people you know for recommendations, and calling funeral homes to ask specific questions. Whether you want to plan a funeral or a cremation, you’ll get all the help you need to give your deceased loved one a final send-off that does them justice and that encourages you and your other loved ones.

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