Informing Your Family that You’ve Preplanned a Cremation Service

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Preplanning a body disposition is the sort of thing that every responsible adult should do. It’s an important part of ensuring that your affairs are in order when you die. You don’t want your loved ones to have to shoulder the task of planning and paying for your final services. So preplanning with a provider of cremations services in Charleston, WV is a good idea.

But preplanning is not enough. You also need to let your loved ones know that you’ve preplanned and what it means for them. This is especially the case if you’re preplanning a cremation. Some families have traditionally gone with traditional funerals followed by earth burials. If this describes your family situation, you may need to do some explaining so that your loved ones know your rationale. What follows is a look at why you need to keep your loved ones in the loop.

Your Family Needs to Know What to Do After You Die

One reason you need to let your loved ones know you’re preplanned is that that they’ll know exactly what to do after you die. Most people pass away without having preplanned or prepaid for their final services. If you’ve taken the initiative and make the proper arrangements, you should inform your family. They need to know what funeral home you’ve preplanned with, what body disposition you chosen, what prepayment you may have made, and where to find the relevant documents. This will make things a whole lot easier for them after you’re gone.

Your Family May Need an Explanation if You Opt for Cremation

Have funeral services traditionally been the body disposition of choice for your family? If so, they may be at a loss as to why you’re interested in going with cremation. While you have the right to choose whatever body disposition you want, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t explain your reasoning. Cremation is cheaper, provides for lots of post-body disposition options like scattering, takes up less ground space, and much more. Let your family know your reasoning and ensure that they understand that you made an informed decision.

Your Family Needs to Know that Preplanning is Important

Another reason you should tell your family is that you can demonstrate to them that preplanning is important and that it is normal. You can emphasize that it will spare them from having to plan after you’re gone. They will see it as a selfless act, and you can encourage your loved ones – the adults at least – that they should consider making similar arrangements of their own.

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