Memorial Ideas Following Cremations Services in Charleston, WV

Memorial Ideas Following Cremations Services in Charleston

Memorial Ideas Following Cremations Services in Charleston

After the Charleston, WV cremation services for a deceased loved one, you and your family may opt to hold a memorial service in their honor. Celebrating their life will be a fitting final send-off, and you can bet that the event will be beneficial for you and yours as well. But how do you go about planning a memorial service, anyway?

There is no one right way, but there are some things you can and should take into consideration to help make the occasion a fitting one. Here are some things to mull over as you plan a memorial that will celebrate the life of one you still hold dear.


The first thing you and your family need to do is consider where the memorial service will take place. Was there a special location where the entire family — including the recently deceased — loved to spend time? Such a place might be a cottage, a private home, a camping spot someplace in the country, or somewhere else. Just be sure that everyone’s on board.

People Who’ll Attend

A memorial is supposed to be an intimate affair that brings together family and close friends of the deceased. So figure out how many people, approximately, may attend. This is critical if you’ll be using a venue to host the memorial service since you’ll want to accommodate everyone. Will it be restricted to family members? If so, it’ll be easier to figure out about how many people will attend the event. It’ll also make it easier if you plan to share a meal afterward.


One of the best things you can do to personalize a memorial service is to play music — but not just any music. What types of music did the deceased love to listen to? Did they have a favorite musician or band? You can incorporate music that they loved to listen to or musicians that they were really into. Looking at the playlists from their smartphone is a great idea to see what music they loved the most. You might be surprised at just how meaningful a few tunes can be.


It’s not uncommon for families to incorporate multimedia into memorial services honoring their deceased loved ones. You can use your computer or tablet to create a multimedia presentation that incorporates photos, video, music, and spoken words. You might also want to ensure that everyone at the memorial service gets a copy of the presentation as a keepsake.

It’s definitely a good idea to hold a memorial service following the cremation services in Charleston, WV. It will allow you to give the deceased the final send-off they deserve while also giving you and your family the chance to mourn together and heal together. When you need a funeral home to help you plan a body disposition, give us a call at Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium. We have the experience you need on your side, and we can also offer you more ideas on how to plan a fitting memorial. Get in touch with our funeral director by calling (304) 342-8135. You can also visit us at 1118 Virginia St E Charleston, WV 25301.

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