Questions that Many Families Have About Scattering Ashes

Questions that Many Families Have About Scattering Ashes

Questions that Many Families Have About Scattering Ashes

After the Charleston, WV cremation services are done and over with, you and your family may find yourselves pondering what to do with the ashes. Some families opt to keep the ashes in an urn and display it in a place of honor such as on a fireplace mantel or in the family room. Others prefer to scatter the ashes, bury the ashes, or do any of a number of other things.

How do you feel about scattering the ashes? It’s a common option that many people feel is a fitting tribute, but some families feel uncomfortable about going this route. Here are some of the questions they often ask during the decision-making process.

Is This What They Would Have Wanted?

This is a critical question. You’ll want to consider whether your deceased loved one would have wanted their ashes to be scattered after their cremation. If they made their wishes known before their passing, this will take a load off of your shoulders since you’ll merely need to honor their wishes. But many people don’t leave any instructions on what to do after their disposition. If they did not specify whether or not their ashes should be scattered, you and your family will have to determine what to do. It might be possible, based on how well you knew the deceased, to figure out how they likely would have reacted to the idea of scattering. Try to reach a consensus as a family.

Where Should the Ashes be Scattered?

If you and your loved ones determine that scattering will be the best option, you’ll still need to decide where to scatter the ashes. Was the deceased an outdoor person who loved nature? Did they have a cottage where they loved to spend as much time as possible? Would they spend countless hours working on their garden? You can get some clues, based on some of the hobbies and special interests of the deceased, about where to scatter the ashes. The good news is that you don’t have to choose just one site. You can have multiple scattering locations to accommodate the differing wishes of various family members.

Are there Any Environmental Risks?

You’ll be happy to know that scattering cremation ashes doesn’t pose any environmental or health risks. So you won’t have to feel any guilt. Just be sure not to scatter on private property unless you have permission to do so from the property owner.

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