What Should You Wear at Funeral Home Service?

What Should You Wear at Funeral Home Service?

What Should You Wear at Funeral Home Service?

What you wear at a funeral service is important. So while you don’t have to wear black from head to toe as used to be customary across many different cultures, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some good ideas for attire during a Charleston, WV funeral home service. Wearing the wrong thing at a time when the deceased and their family should be the focus is a definite no-no. Here are some recommendations to help you select an outfit that will be fitting.

Where will it be Held?

It’s important to consider where the event will be held. Will it be in a church or chapel? Chances are that you should dress in formal wear to fit such a setting. Will it be held outdoors or in a place that is not a house of worship? Chances are the dress code will be more informal. When in doubt, dress the way you would to be interviewed for your dream position. You’re unlikely to go wrong by following that rule of thumb.

Consider the Culture

What cultural or religious background was the deceased? Different groups may have different ways to go about things at funerals or memorials. It can be a great idea either to talk to members of the grieving family or to even conduct an online search to learn about different customs so that you fit in.

Don’t Dress to Stand Out

Remember that the funeral is about the grieving family and the deceased. The last thing you’ll want to do is upstage them or the event as a whole. Dress to fit in rather than to stand out or to impress. So leave the loud colors at home. Keep the overly tight pants or dress in the closet. And leave the ornate bling in the jewelry box. Drawing too much attention to yourself at a funeral for someone else is never a good idea. It’s never a good idea to stand out for the wrong reasons.

Dress Comfortably

Another point to keep in mind is the importance of dressing in comfortable attire. You don’t know how long the funeral will last. You’ll be sitting, standing, and walking. So wear comfortable shoes and clothing. If you fail to dress for comfort, you might find the event to be agonizing.

Ask the Funeral Home

Of course, you can count on the funeral home to offer you valuable tips if you are still unsure about what to wear. They’ll be able to offer recommendations to keep you on the right path.

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