What to Look for in a Premier Funeral Home

cremation services in Charleston, WV

Are you looking for a funeral home that provides cremation services in Charleston, WV? If you are, your best bet is to look for a premier service provider that meets all, rather than just some of, your needs. Here’s a look at what a premier funeral home looks like. Don’t settle for less.

Offers Burial Services

You should expect a premier funeral home to offer all sorts of burial services options. They should, for instance, offer options like traditional burial services, elaborate ceremonies, cemetery burials, and graveside services. They should also accommodate people of different faiths — whether Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, or something else. As well, they should meet the needs of people who make no declaration of faith in any deity. A premier funeral home will also offer family plots, community cemeteries, and more. With options such as the aforementioned, you and your family will get exactly what you want.

Offers Cremation Services

A premier funeral home will also offer cremation services options if you want to plan a cremation. Service plans should include direct cremation with no service, cremation funeral with viewing, graveside service, and celebration of life reception. There should also be numerous resting place options like scattering, internment in a mausoleum, or burial in a family plot. As well, you should also expect to find add-on services like a selection of urns at different price points, cremation jewelry, flowers, music, and more.

Offers Transportation Services

You’ll want to find a funeral home that can ship cremated cremains wherever you need them shipped — if you opt for a cremation, of course. The funeral home should have the expertise to know about the ins and outs of human remains shipping nationally and internationally. In addition to this, they should be able to promptly retrieve a deceased body and to transport it to their facility for final services preparation.

Offers Preplanning Assistance

A premier funeral home will also be able to help with preplanning of final services. A reputable funeral home will adopt a no-pressure approach. Whether you want to preplan a funeral or a cremation, you should get all the help you need. Be sure to request a general price list so that you can see for yourself the products, services, and prices. You should also get the chance to prepay. This will save you money since you’ll use today’s dollars to pay for services you might not need for a long time. You’ll also spare your family the expense of paying for it.

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