When Cremation Service isn’t the Best Option for Your Family

cremation services in Charleston, WV

When you and your family meet with a funeral director to plan final services for a deceased relative, what body disposition should you choose? You and yours will have to select either funeral services or cremation services in Charleston, WV. While both options are honorable, there are times when cremation services just won’t fly. It really will depend on what you and your family want, but here’s a look at how to know when a cremation isn’t is the right choice.

Funeral Services are a Family Tradition

Some families have always planned funeral services followed by earth burials after loved ones have passed away. And not every family is open to messing with traditions. Consider that funerals are sometimes almost like family reunions where families spread out across the country and even across the globe come together to honor their dead. It’s a time of coming together to support one another and to give your deceased loved one a final send-off. It is true that you can still do something similar if you plan a cremation – by holding a memorial service – but your family might simply want to stick with the way you’ve always done things. There’s nothing wrong with this. In such a case, you’ll want to let the funeral home know that you want to plan a funeral service followed by a burial.

The Deceased Had Specifically Requested a Funeral Service

Another reason to plan a funeral service over a cremation service is if the deceased had specifically asked for a funeral service rather than a cremation service. You’ll want to honor them by planning a body disposition that is in line with their preference.

Religious Objections

You’ll be pleased to know that most religions accept either a cremation or a funeral. But there are a few that still prohibit cremation as a body disposition. So if the religion your family adheres to does not accept cremation, you’ll want to plan a funeral service. If you’re not sure what your religion’s position is on cremation, you can ask the funeral home you deal with. They’ll be able to get you’re the answer you need. You can also try asking one of your religion’s leaders.

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