When Cremation Service isn’t the Best Option for Your Family

cremation service in Charleston, WV

When considering final services, there are times when you will favor a funeral over a cremation. Sure, both of them will allow you to give your deceased relative a respectful final send-off. But there may be times when the only real option for you and yours will be a funeral service rather than a cremation service in Charleston, WV. Read on for a look at when only a funeral will do.

Traditional Funerals are a Long-Standing Tradition in Your Family

Some families have always held traditional funerals followed by earth burials for their deceased loved ones. There’s, of course, nothing wrong with this. If your family appreciates the value of this traditional practice and has no interest in doing something different, then why change it? The body disposition planning stage is no time for your family members to argue over whether to get a funeral or a cremation. If your family has always held funerals and is happy to keep the tradition going, then it may be best to stick with tradition. Again, that’s perfectly fine.

Your Religious Faith Favor Funerals Over Cremations

It is true that many religions are fine with either funerals or cremations. Only a handful of them prohibits cremations outright. And those that are okay with both of them sometimes prefer traditional earth burial over cremation – even if they don’t prohibit cremation. So if you believe that a funeral service combined with a burial is more in line with your world view or religious beliefs, then you’ll want to contact a funeral home to plan a funeral. You can also do some research to get a definitive answer on what your religious faith says about cremation.

The Deceased Had Asked for a Funeral

If the deceased had preplanned for a funeral or had at least let their wishes be known before their passing, then you will want to honor their wishes. It always makes it easier if people make their wishes known so that their loved ones don’t have to guess what they would have wanted. It really only takes a little time to contact a funeral home for the purpose of preplanning. So if a loved one had taken the time to get their affairs in order, you’ll want to honor their wishes.

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