When to Go with a Funeral Service Rather than a Cremation Service

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Do you find yourself in the position of planning the body disposition for a family member who has passed away? If they did not preplan or at least let someone know what their preference was, then you or someone else in your family will have to plan final services on their behalf. The good news is that either a funeral service or cremation service in Charleston, WV will offer your relative a fitting final send-off. But when does it make more sense to go with a funeral service over a cremation service? Here are some reasons when this might be the case.

The Deceased Wanted a Funeral Service

If the deceased preplanned a funeral service or informed someone of their preference, then that pretty much solves the matter as far as what body disposition to pursue. The deceased’s wishes must be respected, so you and your loved ones will simply have to ensure that things are done in an orderly manner. One thing’s for certain – a load will be off of your shoulders if you don’t have to choose the body disposition. If the deceased had also made payment arrangements, you and your loved ones will also be spared having to fund the final services.

Family is Largely Against Cremation

It is true that either body disposition option is a great choice. But some people prefer tradition, and this might mean holding a funeral service followed by an earth burial. In such instances, it might not be worth messing with a treasured family tradition even if you have the right to do so. Talk to your loved ones about which body disposition option they prefer. If you can get everyone on board for one or the other, great. The last thing you want is for an argument to break out. It makes sense, if your family is largely in favor of a funeral service, to go that route.

Your Religious Faith Disapproves of Cremation

It is true that many religions and belief systems are okay with either a funeral or a cremation. But you owe it to yourself to look into whether or not a cremation is okay based on whatever profession of faith you adhere to. You can usually consult with someone in a leadership capacity in the church, place of worship, or belief system you follow to get the answers you need.

These are just a couple of the reasons why you might want to plan a funeral service over a cremation service for a deceased relative. Again, you can plan a fitting final send-off whether it’s a funeral or a cremation. But that doesn’t mean that one option might not be better than the other in your specific circumstances. Get in touch with us at Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium when you need help planning Charleston, WV cremation services or funeral services. We have experience helping families to plan final services for their loved ones, and our funeral director will be pleased to assist you. Call us at (304) 342-8135 to get the help you need. You can also talk to us in person by visiting us at 1118 Virginia St E Charleston, WV 25301.

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