Who to Send Thank You Cards to

Charleston, WV funeral home

It’s always a good idea and good manners to show appreciation when someone does something nice for you. So after the funeral service at a Charleston, WV funeral home, there will likely be a lot of people to thank for their kindness and generosity.

While you should try to verbally thank everyone who was there for you, there are some people who you might want to send or give a thank you card. Here are some people to consider.

People Who Lent a Helping Hand in Planning the Funeral Service

You should definitely give thank you cards to people who really went out of their way to help plan the body disposition service. This includes people who made donations, those who took your kids to school so that you could plan the body disposition, friends who picked up your relatives from the airport, and anyone else who pitched in.

People Who Participated at the Funeral

It’s also a good idea to give thank you cards to people who played a role during the funeral service. This means people who served as ushers, set up the funeral venue, recited poems, played instruments, sang songs, served as pallbearers, and delivered the eulogy. You can make a list of all of the people who helped to make the event a success, and be sure to give them personalized thank you cards that express your appreciation for their participation.

People Who Officiated

You should also thank those who officiated during the funeral service. This includes whoever delivered the sermon in the capacity of a pastor, bishop, or some other type of religious leader. Let them know that you appreciate their taking the time to serve in the capacity they did. Doing this is especially important if they knew the deceased and therefore have some personal connection.

And Another Thing to Remember…

Don’t forget to add a personal touch. Write a short note and sign it. You can then either hand-deliver the thank you notes or mail them. If the people are easily accessible, you might choose to give it to them in person while if they are located are away, you can mail them. Either way is okay.

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