Why Many People Prefer Funerals Over Cremations

Why Many People Prefer Funerals Over Cremations

Why Many People Prefer Funerals Over Cremations

When the time comes to sit down with a funeral director to arrange your body disposition, do you know what body disposition you’ll choose? A funeral home in Charleston, WV will be able to help you preplan the details so that everything is in place when the time comes. Even though cremations are becoming increasingly popular, however, many people prefer funerals. If you prefer a funeral and a burial, rather than a cremation chamber and an urn, you’re not alone.

Here is a look at some of the reasons why some people would never seriously consider a cremation over a funeral as their final services option.

Stick with Tradition

It wasn’t that long ago that cremation was shrouded in taboo. In fact, it was considered by many to be a godless body disposition that no right-minded person would ever subject a deceased loved one to. These misconceptions have largely been addressed and corrected to the extent that funerals and cremations are pretty much neck-and-neck in terms of prevalence. But that doesn’t mean that some people don’t feel strongly one way or another. So if you prefer the idea of having a funeral followed by a graveside ceremony with songs and readings, then perhaps you’ll opt to go that route without seriously considering cremation as an alternative.

Allows Family and Friends to Come Together

Another reason why some people prefer funerals over cremations is that funeral services provide more of an opportunity for family and friends to come together for a common purpose. Yes, it’s possible to hold a memorial service after a cremation and doing so will provide the opportunity for loved ones to offer comfort and to receive comfort. But some still prefer to do this during a formal funeral service complete with a program that includes a eulogy.


Yet another reason many people prefer a funeral over a cremation is that they believe that the funeral service provides a better opportunity to get the sort of closure they’re looking for. Sometimes merely seeing the body of a deceased loved one in an open casket is enough to allow those struggling with the situation to finally accept what has happened. Seeing, as the old adage goes, is believing. It can be a powerful signal that a new normal is afoot.

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