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Budgeting Tips for Funeral and Cremation Planning

Many families are feeling the financial pinch when planning a funeral or cremation. Not only do these events often occur after medical services and other expensive situations. But, the industry prices are going up and putting a pinch on your pocketbook. If you are looking for a funeral home & cremations in Barboursville, WV, then it is essential that you protect your finances by choosing an affordable company in the area.  

funeral home & cremations in Barboursville, WV

Here are a few suggestions that will help with the management of your budget:  

Alternative Funeral Services  

Don’t feel the obligation to stick with a traditional funeral plan if it doesn’t match the needs of your family. As you compare the costs of a traditional funeral with modern services, you will see that pricing can vary by thousands of dollars.   

Traditional funerals can be expensive due to all of the extra services that are included in the funeral plan. These services are common, but not required for funeral planning: embalming, casket purchase, burial plot, graveside services, viewing, formal funeral or memorial, and more.  

Consider a customized plan to cut out the services that don’t match the needs of your family. By trimming the plan, you can reduce your spending without sacrificing the overall event. For example, you might hold the funeral at a church instead of paying for the event in a funeral home facility.  

Consider Cremation Instead of Burial  

There’s no question that cremation can be cheaper compared to traditional funeral services. If you are searching for solutions to cut costs, then you shouldn’t overlook the benefits of cremation. The most affordable plan is to skip the unnecessary formalities of a large funeral. Instead, consider direct cremation.  

These cremation services don’t eliminate your option to hold a funeral or memorial. But, many people save money by having a casual backyard event or Celebration of Life instead of a formal funeral.  

Preplanning to Reduce Emotional Spending  

When funeral or cremation services are planned after a person has passed away, then it often increases the likelihood that the family will make these decisions from an emotional state. The grief and pain can be overwhelming when you say goodbye to someone that you love. These feelings might drive the decisions, resulting in a situation where unnecessary services are included in the funeral package.  

If you want to avoid these unnecessary details, then you can reduce your spending by looking at preplanning options. These services allow you to select the funeral or cremation details when you are in a rational state of mind. Avoid the emotional spending with a proactive funeral planning approach.   

Customized funeral planning gives you the flexibility to manage your budget and protect your finances. If you are preparing for the upcoming end of life services, then you need to enlist the assistance of a trusted funeral director. Contact us for information about our funeral home & cremations in Barboursville, WV. Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium is here to help: 1118 Virginia St E Charleston, WV 25301. Visit our location or call for more details: (304) 342-8135