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Common Questions about Embalming

Planning a funeral can bring up uncomfortable questions as you consider your options and choose the right services for a family member. Even though you are learning about topics that might be unfamiliar, you should never hesitate to ask an experienced funeral director for more information. When you are working with a funeral home in Charleston, WV, then you can rest assured to know that a team is always available to support your questions when they arise.

Here is an overview of embalming to help you decide if this service should be included in the funeral package:

What is Embalming?

A human body can be preserved after death by slowing the decomposition period using chemicals. The products that are used help to sanitize the body and keep it preserved for future events that are planned. Additionally, this service can improve the appearance of the deceased if the family is choosing to have an open-casket viewing.

Restoration is possible if the person was in a traumatic accident. Embalming can be used to improve the overall appearance, but the results depend on the situation and the extent of the injuries. Even if the person wasn’t in an accident, embalming could help with the appearance because of the pigments added to the chemicals to enhance the skin color. These efforts help to make the viewing less upsetting to family and friends in attendance.

The purpose of embalming is to extend the time that is available between death and the time the body is laid to rest. This final disposition could be in the form of a casket burial, or some families choose cremation instead. When the body is preserved, then the family has the time that is needed to plan a funeral or memorial service that will be most comforting to those in attendance.

Another reason embalming is often chosen for funeral services is that of religious traditions. Some religious practices view embalming as of the most important part of the religious ceremonies when someone is being laid to rest.

Does the Law Require Embalming Services?

There are no legal requirements that a body needs to be embalmed before disposition. But, many states require embalming if the person is going to be transported across state or country lines. Additionally, it is common for funeral homes to have internal policies that require embalming for open-casket events.

It is always best to choose to embalm if the final disposition isn’t done within a few hours after death. For example, if you want an open-casket visitation or you are planning a funeral later in the week, then it is a good idea to have the body embalmed.

Embalming can be a beneficial service, but don’t feel obligated to include it as part of your funeral package if it doesn’t match the preferences of your family. Instead, you need to choose a funeral home in Charleston, WV that offers customizations, allowing you to create the perfect funeral plan for your loved one. If you are interested in learning more, then you can visit Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium: 1118 Virginia St E Charleston, WV 25301. Or call with your questions: (304) 342-8135