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Cremation Options from a Trusted Funeral Home in South Charleston, WV

Did you know that your options will expand if you choose cremations over traditional burial? When you are planning a funeral service, you have the opportunity to select the services that align with the preferences of your family. While traditional funerals require a cemetery burial, cremations make it possible for you to choose another location for the final resting place.

If you are thinking about cremation, then you need to contact us to learn about the ways that we can help. Cremation offers a respectful option to say goodbye to your loved one. We will help you work through the details by answering your questions along the way.

Can I Have a Funeral with a Cremation?

It is important to understand that cremation is a choice regarding the way the body will be laid to rest. You have the freedom to choose a funeral or memorial, regardless of the final resting place after the services are complete.

Some people prefer a funeral with an open-casket viewing. Then, the cremation is complete after the funeral services. Other people want to have a memorial with the cremated ashes on display in an urn. On the other hand, you might skip the formal event and choose a Celebration of Life instead. This event can be designed in any way you see fit.

Where the Ashes Can Be Laid to Rest

You will receive the cremated ashes in an urn of your choice. If you choose cremation, the ashes can be buried in the family cemetery plot if you prefer. Or, you can select a different resting place based on the preferences of your family.

For example, cremated ashes might be scattered in a memorial garden where you planted the person’s favorite flowers. Or, you can take the ashes to a distant location where the family likes to go on vacation. Some families don’t want to scatter the ashes. Instead, they choose to keep the ashes in an urn at home.

How the Body Will be Cremated

We strive to support your desires for the way the body is cremated. You can choose the clothing that the person will wear. Also, small mementos can be placed in the crematory with the person.

Some families have specific religious ceremonies or personal traditions that should be incorporated with the cremation. We strive to accommodate these requests whenever possible. So, you are invited to talk to our team to design the perfect cremation plan.

Learn More about Cremation

Is it time for you to learn more about cremation services? Then you need to schedule a consultation with the leading team in South Charleston, WV: Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium. We provide a range of funeral home services, including cremation. Our team will work hard to offer a personalized funeral plan. For details, you can check South Charleston, WV cremations. You can visit our facilities at 1118 Virginia St E Charleston, WV 25301. Call if you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment to discuss an upcoming funeral: (304) 342-81351