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Embalming and Other Funeral Home Services in South Charleston, WV

When you are planning a funeral, you have the flexibility to choose the details that will create the ideal way to remember the person you have lost. Even though it might seem simple to plan a funeral in South Charleston, WV, it common for families to have disputes about the details for the day. Some of the funeral planning is straightforward and agreeable. But, family members often have differing opinions about other aspects of the funeral plan.

Is Embalming a Good Choice?

Even though embalming has been a traditional practice for a long time, this service has received backlash from critics in many places. Just because there are people who don’t want to be embalmed, it doesn’t mean that the service shouldn’t be used for other funerals. In fact, there are certain situations where embalming is an essential and important part of the funeral plan.

Here are a few details that will help you decide if embalming should be part of your funeral plan:

  • No Laws for Embalming: In most situations, there are no laws that require embalming. So, don’t be fooled if a funeral home tries to convince you that embalming is necessary. This procedure is usually only required when the body is transported across state lines, or it will be moved using publish transportation. Check the laws for each state for more information. Even though there aren’t state laws that require embalming, some funeral homes have company policies regarding this service.
  • Embalming Only Works for a Short Time: You can’t stop the body from decaying. But, embalming helps to slow the process if you want to have an open-casket viewing. If the funeral will be delayed, then it is common for the family to choose embalming to preserve the body for a longer time. In many situations, funeral homes will strongly recommend embalming if a viewing will be held.
  • Embalming and Cremation: If you are going to have the person cremated, then embalming is an optional service before the cremation. In many situations, families choose to skip the embalming. A direct cremation is not only cheaper, but it provides a simple solution for the disposition of the body.

Personal Choice for Your Family

When it comes to embalming, it is a matter of preferences. Some families want to have embalming services to support the overall funeral plan that is desired. In other situations, families choose to forego embalming for religious, cultural, or personal reasons.

The best thing that you can do is choose a funeral home that will support your preferences. Some funeral homes will strongly encourage embalming, while others are focused more on the requests of the family.

At Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium we offer a range of funeral services to meet your needs. We want to understand your preferences, helping you design a funeral plan that matches the desires of your family. Talk to us to learn more about embalming, burial, cremation, and the many other funeral options that are available. Our funeral home is located at 1118 Virginia St E Charleston, WV 25301. Or, you can call if you would like to ask questions over the phone: (304) 342-81351

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