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How to Move On After Funeral Home or Cremation Service

Parkersburg, WV funeral home & cremations

Death is one of those facts of life that we more or less have to accept as an unfortunate reality. It often occurs with no warning and has a way of triggering a storm of emotions as people come to terms with and try to accept what has happened and what it means. But after the body disposition has been completed by a provider of Parkersburg, WV funeral home & cremation services, how exactly can you move on and put the broken pieces back together? 

One thing you ought never do is rush the grieving process. No two people are alike, so you can’t expect for everyone in your family to heal at the same time. While you shouldn’t grieve forever, take the time you need to be able to function and even to find enjoyment in your new normal. 

Here are some tips for how to move on after the funeral home or cremation service. 

Take a Trip 

While it might not seem appropriate to go away and have fun at a time when you’re grieving, some time away from home can do your mental and emotional health some good. In another environment, you can clear your head as you take your mind off things for a while. You don’t have to travel to some distant locale either. Just go someplace other than home. You can drive to another town a short distance from home, for instance, so that you can have time for yourself.  


Did you know that you can take your mind off your sorrows for a while if you volunteer to help someone who needs your help? If there’s a hospital or nursing home in the area, you may want to volunteer to help others with their own needs. But even if you feel like helping, don’t overdo things to the extent that you avoid dealing with the pain you’re experiencing.  

Get Some Help 

You can look at this step in at least two ways, namely help from friends and help from a professional counsellor. On the one hand, you can ask your friends to do some chores on your behalf or simply call them up if you’re feeling down and need some encouragement. On the other hand, you might want to speak to a professional if you have experienced a bout of depression that won’t lift. It never makes sense to suffer in silence, so ask for help.  

Do you want to learn about how to deal with grief or where you can find grief resources in West Virginia? Get in touch with us at Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium for the best in Parkersburg, WV funeral home & cremations services. Grief is something that impacts us all, and there’s no shame in acknowledging that we need some help. For a free consultation, call us at (304) 342-8135 or visit us at 1118 Virginia St E Charleston, WV 25301. We have deep roots in West Virginia, having been in the business of helping families in the communities here since 1875, so we have you covered when you need us.