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Important Information to Know About Embalming

If you choose cremation instead of a traditional burial, then it opens up more flexibility for the funeral services. Many families like the option to customize the services that are available. So, look for a funeral home in South Charleston, WV that offers the customized services that you desire.

Embalming is one portion of the funeral services that you might be able to skip. Talk to our staff for more information about whether embalming will be necessary.

Why Do Families Opt-Out of Embalming?

Even though embalming has been done for a long time, families now often prefer to design the funeral or cremation services to avoid the need to embalm the body. There are two main reasons why you might skip embalming:

  • Cost: Embalming increases the total cost of the funeral. If you are on a budget, then eliminating embalming can help you save money.
  • Simplicity: One of the benefits of cremations is the simplicity of the funeral planning. Eliminate the unnecessary services so that you have less to worry about during this difficult time.
  • Invasiveness: The process of embalming requires unnatural devices and chemicals in the body. If the family desires to keep the body in a restful, natural condition, then they might opt out of embalming services.
  • Environment: The harsh chemicals used for embalming can be a concern for some families. People want to protect the environment by reducing the pollution of chemical usage.

Just because many people are choosing to forego embalming, doesn’t mean that it isn’t right for your family. So, the best thing that you can do is talk to us about your options before you decide.

Legal Requirements for Embalming

In most places, embalming is only required by law for special circumstances. For example, if the body is being shipped or traveling across state lines, then it might be necessary to have the body embalmed before the transport.

In many situations, embalming is required if you are planning a viewing. But, often these rules are established by the funeral home. Look for information about local laws, and then choose a funeral home with policies that match your preferences.

Choosing the Best Services for Your Family

Cremations and funerals can be planned to match the needs of your family. When it comes to details such as embalming or viewings, it is a matter of choice. You need to pick the services that will match your budget and create the appropriate services for the deceased.

The first step to planning a funeral is to talk to an experienced funeral home. We can help you compare options so that you can select the right services. Our team offers the caring, supportive assistance that you need during this difficult time.

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