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Keeping the Love Alive: Cremation Services in South Charleston, WV

There’s a sense of finality with an in-ground burial. There are many who need to physically close a chapter of their lives and turn the page. And placing the casket in the ground suits this emotional need. On the other hand, there are those of us who don’t want to lose the bond with the loved one we’ve lost, which is why cremations are increasingly becoming the method of choice for honoring the loss of a loved one. Yet at the same time, you can keep the love alive thanks to the many options available for internment and display of ashes. 

As if it wasn’t enough just dealing with the sudden loss of a loved one, the economics involved in the planning and call-to-action of the pending funeral are expenses to be reckoned with. In many aspects, a funeral is a significant investment of time and resources, which is another reason that the cremation process is so attractive.

Many factors go into the exact cost of the cremation process and prices can vary widely from state-to-state and even city-to-city. Industry professionals know that each city is priced with respect to services rendered. The “package” of services you choose will play a big part in determining the overall price for the cremation you have in mind.

Traditions Intact

One thing to remember is that cremation is a process. A traditional funeral can be performed whether you have an urn or a casket. Actually, a cremation allows more flexibility in honoring your loss. You may want to have a traditional viewing before cremation or a scattering of ashes after the cremation is performed. It depends on the wishes you and your family or friends have with respect to how you want to honor your loss. Also keep any wishes of the departed in mind if they have made those known prior to their passing.

Final Call

Ashes can be buried, scattered or kept in an urn. And the urn can be made into any number of different “designer” patterns that can be kept in one’s home or in a columbarium. Whatever you decide, the crematory will deliver the remains either in a temporary or permanent container. Cemeteries provide several options for interring cremated remains including plots for burial and “niches” in a columbarium.

Consider your options and ask yourself the important questions discussed here. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer. Only the choice that is right for you.

A Shoulder to Lean On

If you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one, don’t hesitate to call Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium. You can check South Charleston, WV cremations for details. We encourage you to visit our offices at 1118 Virginia St E Charleston, WV 25301 or call to set up an appointment at (304) 342-8135. A member of our team will be glad to help you and your family by answering your questions.

We have been serving families in the West Virginia area since 1875. Our goal is to arrange everything for you, while being attentive to your needs and wishes respectfully and reliably.