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Milton, WV cremation service
Memorial Service Etiquette Following Cremation

Milton, WV cremation serviceAfter the Milton, WV cremation service, the family of the deceased may wish to host a memorial where attendees can gather to celebrate the life of the deceased. If you opt to attend a memorial that’s held, say, for the deceased relative of a co-worker, you should be mindful of protocol. Read on for a look at memorial service etiquette tips that can help you honor the memory of the deceased while avoiding potentially embarrassing situations.  

Dress Properly 

The time to dress to impress is at your wedding or some other event where the focus is on you. When you’re at a memorial service, however, the focus needs to be on the deceased. Wearing anything that detracts will be seen as a disrespect to the grieving family. It’s probably best not to dress in an overly casual manner, but you don’t have to dress up the way you would for a funeral either. Avoid wearing clothing that is too tight, short or revealing. Again, you’re not there to be the center of attention so dress appropriately.  

Arrive on Time 

Whether for a funeral service or memorial service, it pays to get there on time. You don’t want to be the one slipping in late – possibly disturbing the proceedings and attracting disapproving glares from other attendees. You don’t have to be there an hour early, but getting to the location 10 or 15 minutes before it’s scheduled to get underway should be sufficient. Being early will also allow you to express condolences to the grieving family before the memorial starts.  

Turn Off Your Phone 

It’s best to switch off your phone so that it doesn’t ring at the most inopportune of times. But if you can’t switch it off entirely, at least set the ringer to vibrate so that it doesn’t disturb those nearby or interrupt the memorial in any way.  

Find Childcare for Younger Kids 

This one’s a bit more controversial since people tend to get sensitive when it comes to their little ones. But if your children are too young to sit through a memorial service – one that might be an hour or longer in length – then the best course of action would be to have a babysitter take care of them at home. Older children who understand the importance of reverence should be good to go, but be mindful of the fact that they might have a hard time remaining seated for too long.  

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