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What is the Right Clothing for Cremations in Charleston, WV?

Whether your deceased family member will be buried or cremated, there are a few things that need to be considered for the services. Clothing is one of the choices that need to be addressed by the family. Our team can help you work through all of the details of planning a funeral in Charleston, WV, including a decision about the right clothing.

The Burial Outfit Holds Meaning

The burial outfit is more than everyday clothing. This outfit often has meaning for the deceased and the family. Think about the things that were important to the person, then choose clothing to match their wishes. Examples of burial clothing might include:

  • Military Service Uniform
  • Religious Ceremony Clothing
  • Church Attire
  • Their Favorite Dress or Shirt
  • Wedding Gown

If there is going to be an open-casket viewing before the cremation or funeral, then the family often wants to dress the deceased in clothing that honors the person’s life. This clothing is a tribute to recognize the person and their accomplishments.

Most funeral directors will work with the desires of the family to accommodate religious traditions or other preferences. In addition to the clothing, some people choose to include other items in the chamber, such as family photos, flowers, a Bible, etc.

Cremation Clothing

You have the freedom to choose any clothing for the funeral. But, there are some restrictions on the cremation. Certain items don’t do well in the high heat during the cremation. For example, jewelry and pacemakers need to be removed before the service is complete. Pacemakers can be dangerous because there is a possibility of an explosion in the heat. Jewelry will melt in the heat, which can damage the crematorium equipment.

Medals, buttons, zippers, and other clothing accessories might get in the way of the cremation. These items will be removed before the cremation. Or, anything that is left will be discarded when the ashes are gathered.

In addition to local regulations that limit the burial outfit, crematoriums often have rules as well. Certain types of clothing might be limited because of chemicals that are unsafe to release into the air from burning.

Keeping It Simple

Just because you can dress the deceased, doesn’t mean that you need to burn an item that is special to the family. You have the option to choose the clothing. Some people prefer to keep the special clothing that belonged to the deceased to remember that person. So, the deceased might be dressed in a basic shroud for modesty, a hospital gown, or a nightgown that they loved. Choosing a basic outfit is a great way to honor the simplicity cremation service.

Do you have additional questions about clothing that is appropriate for cremation? Talk to us anytime! We are always happy to answer your questions and provide the services that you need. You can stop by our funeral home, or call to learn more.

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