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The Benefits of a Living Will and Cremation Planning in Charleston, WV

Even if you have a long life ahead of you, there are benefits to creating a living will and plans for cremation. Don’t wait until you think you are nearing the end of your life. This life experience can be unpredictable, which is why every adult in Charleston, WV should have a written living will and funeral plan.

Preplanning your funeral is an important step to ensure that everything matches your desires. Funeral planning and a living will offer an effective method to communicate your desires, even after you are gone. Your family can review the information without having questions about the way you wanted the services to be planned.

Do You Want to Be Cremated?

Choosing cremation can be a difficult decision for the family. If people aren’t familiar with the benefits of cremation, then they might default to the choice of a cemetery burial. So, it is important that you request cremation if it is an important detail to you.

When you plan your final arrangements, you can request cremation as part of your funeral plan. You can also choose other details, such as the type of event that will be held for family and friends. Our team will record this information so that it is available when it is time to schedule the funeral. You can decide the details in a calm, relaxed environment, instead of leaving your family to face the decisions in a hurried, emotional situation.

What are the benefits of cremation? People love the security and peace that this service brings to the family. Your loved ones will feel good knowing that your wishes are being met. Plus, you can save money on the funeral costs by choosing cremation. Reducing the financial burden is an important step to protect your loved ones after you are gone.

What is a Living Will?

While you are planning a funeral, it is a good idea to talk to a legal professional about a living will as well. This document helps you share your wishes, even when you can’t communicate. Your will can reduce the likelihood that there will be family disputes regarding your care. You can also reduce the risk of expensive end-of-life medical costs by outlining what should happen to you if you are in a coma or serious vegetative condition.

You don’t expect tragedy to hit, but what will happen to your family if something happens? You need to do the work right now to minimize stress and disagreements regarding your medical care and estate. A living will is an effective way to settle the questions, giving your family the comfort to know that your wishes are met.

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