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Things to Say to a Grieving Friend During Funeral or Cremation Service

South Charleston, WV funeral home & cremation

When you attend body disposition services held by a South Charleston, WV funeral home & cremation company, do you ever get tongue-tied wondering what to say to mourners who are related to the deceased? The grieving family will need encouragement, and there are things you can say to show them that you care and are thinking about them. Here are some suggestions for things you can say to a grieving friend during a body disposition service.  

I’m Sorry for Your Loss 

Those few words, spoken with sincerity, can make a big impact. Yes, offering condolences acknowledges that your friend is in mourning and that someone important to them was taken away by death. If you knew the deceased personally, you can share some interesting anecdotes about the person. Sharing these sorts of stories will help to lighten the mood and encourage your friend during a difficult period in their life.  

I’m Praying for You 

It’s funny how much comfort those words can bring – even if your grieving friend is not particularly religious. For religious people, these words mean that their friend is praying on their behalf to a deity capable of making the best of even the most difficult and trying of situations. For non-religious people, these words at least suggest that their friend cares about their plight. While a non-religious person might not believe in a higher power, they will be touched by the gesture.  

Let Me Know How I Can Help 

Whether your friend says so or not, they will need some help leading up to and after a body disposition. They will have a lot of things on their plate, so a bit of help will be appreciated. Perhaps you can actually recommend specific things that you are willing to do. For instance, you can offer to bring over a cooked meal, offer to walk their dogs or offer to help them with errands. Perhaps you can even let them know you’re open to footing some of the costs of the body disposition. Of course, that’s not something you have to do – and you shouldn’t if you can’t afford it financially. But pitching in to help your grieving friend will demonstrate that you care. In addition to helping them, stay in touch by calling, emailing or texting them on occasion to keep their spirits up. When your friend gets used to their new normal and is able to take a deep breath, they’ll acknowledge that you were and are a true friend.  

A South Charleston, WV funeral home & cremation company like Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium is the place to go when you’re planning a body disposition. We understand the importance of saying the right things to comfort our customers. Whether you want funeral services or cremation services, we can accommodate your request. Call us at (304) 342-8135 or stop by our office at 1118 Virginia St E Charleston, WV 25301 for prompt assistance in planning a body disposition for your deceased loved one. We’re here to help.