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What Should You Wear to a Funeral Home in Charleston, WV?

If you are preparing to attend a funeral, it can be hard to choose the outfit that you should wear to the memorial or funeral services. Visiting a funeral home in Charleston, WV can be a somber event, and most people choose conservative clothing for the gathering. Here are a few tips to help you choose clothing to wear:

Consider Religious or Cultural Traditions

Many people view meanings in the color of clothing that is worn. For example, some families will choose to wear all black to symbolize mourning. Women will wear black dresses or slacks, and men wear a full suit and tie with a white shirt.

In most situations, women should choose skirts that are long enough to cover the knees, and blouses that cover the shoulders. In some religions, such as the Greek Orthodox Church, head coverings are worn at the funeral.

On the other hand, you don’t need to wear dark clothing to a Buddhist funeral. But, it is a good idea to avoid wearing red, which is disrespectful at these events. Usually, the family will wear the traditional color of mourning: white. If the funeral is held at a Buddhist temple, wear respectful socks because you will be asked to remove your shoes before entering.

Are you unsure about the clothing that will be proper for the funeral that you are attending? You might consider asking one of the family members for guidance. A quick question can help you learn more about the expectations so that you know the preferences of the family.

Don’t Make a Fashion Statement

A funeral isn’t a time when you should be worried about making a fashion statement. In most situations, it is best to avoid brightly colored clothing. Don’t get too caught up in the fashionable trends that could make you stand out from the group. Blend in and show respect through the clothing that you are wearing.

Also, consider your comfort during the funeral services. For example, it is common to have the service at a funeral home and then move to a cemetery for graveside services. Women might avoid high-heeled shoes because it could be difficult to walk on the grass when attending the graveside meeting.

Clothing is a Sign of Respect

The way you dress when visiting a funeral home shows the respect that you have for the deceased and the family in mourning. It can be hard to choose an appropriate outfit, so you might talk to other attendees for recommendations if needed. Ask questions about the types of clothing that should be worn, as well as specific colors or traditional items. If a head covering is needed, it is common for these items to be provided at the funeral.

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