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What to Include on a Memorial Service Checklist

After the South Charleston, WV cremation for a deceased loved one, you may very well wish to plan a memorial service. Such an event can be more informal than a funeral service, and it can provide the perfect opportunity for you, your family, and your friends to commemorate the memory of the deceased. But how do you go about planning one? Use the following memorial service checklist to ensure that you cover all the right bases during the planning stage.

Invitation List

When planning the memorial service, you need to ask yourself if it will be a big one or a small one. In other words, will it be a family-only affair or will everyone be welcome? Sit down and write down who you want to invite. Get family members to help you make the invite list. The size of the event should depend on what you and yours want in a memorial service.

Where Will it Be Held & When Will it Be Held

You’ll, of course, need to figure out the venue, the day, and the time of the memorial. If there are family members and friends who live far away, you will want to factor this into the equation when determining when to hold the event.

Who Will Lead Out & Participate

You’ll want to appoint someone who is willing to lead out. Do you want to get your pastor to officiate or conduct the memorial service? Do you want to have a family member do the honors? Is there a close friend of the deceased who would be a good fit? Once you choose someone, ensure that they’re okay with your choice. Also pencil in who will be participating in other areas. For instance, you can appoint people who will give testimonies, sing, recite poetry, and more.

Determine What Types of Activities Will Take Place

As well, you’ll need to plan out all of the activities that will take place during the memorial. Ensure that any activities that take place can be enjoyed by everyone in attendance.

Prepare Food & Drink Menu

Will there be a reception after the memorial? If so, plan a menu of food and drinks. Whether you’re catering or having a potluck, it helps to plan things out so that you not only have enough food, but also have a wide enough variety to meet the different dietary needs of the attendees.

Select Playlist

Music can be a powerful part of any memorial service. It’ll involve putting together a playlist. Consider the types of music that the deceased had enjoyed and play some of their favorite songs.

Ensure that these items are on your memorial planning checklist should you be planning such an event following a South Charleston, WV cremation service. At Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium, we can help you plan a memorial, cremation, or funeral. Call us at (304) 342-8135 for a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our professional staff members. You can also visit our office at 1118 Virginia St E Charleston, WV 25301. We’re here to help in any way we can.