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Who to Call When a Death Occurs

While it is important to notify family members after death occurs, don’t overlook the first phone call that needs to be made: to a funeral director in the area. You will be facing challenging decisions for the funeral plan, which is why you need the services for funeral home & cremations in Dunbar, WV. Leaning on the experience of a good team will give you the peace of mind to know that you don’t have to worry about the logistics.

24/7 Services for Residents in the Area

For general questions about funeral planning or cremations, then it is usually best to contact a funeral home during regular business hours. If the questions aren’t time-sensitive, then it is fine to wait until the following day before scheduling a consultation.

But, there’s no reason to delay the contact if a family member passes away outside of regular business hours. Our team at Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium offers phone support around the clock. Whether the death occurs on the weekend or in the middle of the night, you are welcome to contact our team at any time to schedule transportation.

We understand the importance of immediate action after a person passes away. You might want a few minutes alone with your loved one before calling a funeral home. But, it is usually best to schedule the transportation within a few hours after death.

If you request immediate assistance, then you can rest assured to know that our team will always be there to help. We are happy to schedule the transportation time to match the needs and desires of your family.

Full-Service Support for Funeral Planning

You can have the peace of mind to know that the first phone call will be the start to caring, supporting services for the funeral planning. It is common for questions to come up before, during, and after the funeral services. Our team is always available to assist with anything that you need. We are always working behind the scenes to ensure the quality of the services that are provided.

Preplanning for Funeral Services

Don’t overlook the benefit of preplanning funeral services for the future. A proactive plan will reduce the stress that is experienced after your loved one passes away. When a death occurs without a funeral plan, then the family might face the challenge of choosing a funeral home and designing a custom funeral plan within a short period.

On the other hand, prearranged funeral services mean that you’ve already worked through the details that need to be addressed. Instead of stressing about the way the funeral should be designed, you only need to pick up the phone to schedule the transportation. Our team will already have the information on file for the funeral plan, ensuring that everything matches the desires of the deceased.

When you are searching for funeral home and cremations in Dunbar, WV, you need to contact the leading service in the area: Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium. Visit us: 1118 Virginia St E Charleston, WV 25301. Or, call our office for a consultation: (304) 342-8135