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Why Cremations are Gaining in Popularity in Charleston, WV

Funeral home directors in Charleston, WV and across the nation have found that cremations are gaining in popularity. It is estimated that nearly half the population in the United States chooses cremation over traditional casket burial. Why are these services becoming more common?

As you learn more about the funeral and cremation industry, it is easy to understand why families are selecting cremation instead of cemetery burial. Here are some of the benefits that are experienced from cremation:

The Expense of the Funeral Services

The cost of cremation is significantly lower compared to a traditional burial. The overall costs will vary depending on the type of service that is planned. But, families usually find cremation is cheaper, even when paired with a formal funeral service.

Families don’t see the need to pay high fees for burial and cemetery services. Many people have limited budgets, so they are looking for affordable solutions. Cremation helps to reduce the financial burden while offering respect to the deceased.

Environmental Concerns

How much will a traditional burial impact the environment? Here are a few environmental concerns that are expressed by people who are looking out for Mother Earth:

  • Casket Materials: The products used to create caskets and grave liners are made of unsustainable materials. Even though these products are buried out of sight, they have a slow decomposition rate. Production for the caskets means that trees are used, and steel is produced to meet the demands of the industry. Buying a casket means that you are increasing your carbon footprint.
  • Land Availability: As the population grows, the land is becoming scarce. When cemeteries need to be expanded to accommodate the demand, then that land can no longer be used for buildings or farming.
  • Embalming: A mixture of harmful ingredients are used for the embalming: methanol, ethanol, and formaldehyde. The World Health Organization has named formaldehyde as a class 1 carcinogenic ingredient because it can lead to leukemia and brain cancer. If these harmful ingredients leak from the caskets and into the ground, then nearby water sources can be contaminated. Embalming is not required by law, so families might choose direct burial to avoid the cost and harm of embalming.

Cremation doesn’t offer a clean solution because the body is reduced using heat. But, it is a common choice if families are looking for a way to reduce the impact of the end-of-life services.

Flexibility for Burial

A casket needs to be placed in a dedicated area, such as a cemetery. But, cremated ashes can be stored in any location of your choice. If your family will be moving to a different city or state in the future, then it is nice to have the option to bring the deceased in an urn. Choose a meaningful location where the ashes can be scattered. Or, keep a memorial urn at home if preferred.

There are many benefits of cremation, which is why families are choosing these services over traditional burials. If you are looking for more information about the services that are available in South Charleston, WV, then you can discuss your options with our team at Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home & Crematorium. Visit 1118 Virginia St E Charleston, WV 25301. Or call: (304) 342-81351